07 JAN

In Solidarity With Palestine


As we enter the year 2024, Museum of Impossible Forms continues to affirm its unwavering solidarity with the people of Palestine and with the various forms of resistance against imperialist terror worldwide. We condemn the ongoing genocide, imprisonment, evictions, intimidation, dehumanization, direct targeting, siege, occupation, apartheid, the destruction of vital infrastructures, the destruction of cultural and historical sites, and environmental damages that the Israeli Army (IDF) continues to enforce to this day. We join our voices to the numerous calls for accountability of the war crimes committed by the Israeli state and the complicity of governments and corporations across the globe that continue financing and enabling this war. 

The genocide, the occupation, the war must end now!

We continue to reject the conflation of criticism of the Israeli state with antisemitism. We will not be part of the weaponization of antisemitism that aims to censor and punish criticism of the Israeli government, we condemn antisemitism as we condemn all forms of racism. We recognize anti-Zionism as a legitimate stance in the Palestinian struggle against their colonization, oppression, subjugation, and erasure. Never again means, never again for everyone.

​​In the fourth month of Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, the violence and devastation against Palestinians in and beyond Gaza continues. The siege imposed by the governments of Israel and Egypt that prevent vital resources and humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza continues; the forced lockdown and attacks in the West Bank continue; the escalation of military campaigns by the Israeli Army continues with recent attacks in Syria and Lebanon; and the United States veto of the UN Security Council resolutions continues preventing peace, justice, and security for the Palestinian people. Acts that continue the expansion of the Israel settler-colonial state with over 75 years of occupation and over a century of imperial imposition. 

We must fight injustice on every front!

Therefore, we continue to exercise internationalist pressure to build and demand justice, dignity, security, self-determination, return, reparations, peace, and shelter for the life, memory, and future of the Palestinians. We recognize in the Palestinian quest for autonomy and liberation, the need for autonomy and liberation of every indigenous people’s’ who continue to dwell and nourish the land with reciprocity, dignity, and care from the river to the sea and the worlds in between.

Museum of Impossible Forms reaffirms its commitment to build anti-colonial, anti-patriarchal, non-capitalist, non-fascist futures. We want to continue strengthening our convictions toward the collaborative building of such futures in Finland and beyond. We invite sister organizations, collectives, and art workers to get in touch with us regarding the possible use of MIF space for building intersectional politics based on collective accountability, dignity, and reciprocal care. We will continue to provide our space to organize and raise awareness of ongoing forms of oppression, settler-colonialism, violence, and injustice, wherever they occur. As well, to plan together other relevant socio-ecological responsibilities with aesthetico-political work. 

In solidarity,

Museum of Impossible Forms

07.01.2024, Helsinki - Finland.

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