Your Manic Pixie Dream

Camilla Rantanen

Opening Party

Manic Pixie Dream Prompt Using Camilla’s Graduation Photo as a Base by Stable Diffusion AI

Manic Pixie Dream Prompt Using Camilla’s Graduation Photo as a Base by Stable Diffusion AI


Opening night is an event where we come together to ponder and wonder on the topic of pleasure in all its complexity. There is a chance to meet all the artists of the platform who will discuss and introduce their upcoming works. During the night we will expand the conversation more broadly to pleasure, consent, and other related fun topics in the arts. 

During the evening you also have a chance to take part in Camilla Rantanen’s Your Manic Pixie Dream, a love letter correspondence performance. You can also have your interview done and book a slot for an upcoming Submission session.  

It’s also a party! There will also be music and some refreshments available. Let’s see where the night takes us! 


The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a fictional trope, a fantasy that offers the Main Character an opportunity to feel special and desired. The trope raises the question: how do we really long to be met and seen?

The performance takes place in the form of correspondence. The genre of the letters is the Love Letter. An audience member has the opportunity to respond to a love letter sent to them and begin a correspondence relationship with a "secret" admirer called Pixie.

Your Manic Pixie Dream is a form of a role playing game, where Pixie takes the role of a Love Interest and offers You the role of the Main Character.

Camilla Rantanen (she/her) is a dramaturg, script writer, performance artist and sex worker. After graduating from the University of the Arts she has worked mainly with stage and audio. The values that pervade all her work are playfulness, transparency, consent, and an ethical relationship with her audience and co-workers.








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